Heute landete dieses schöne Feedback zur SMARTen Wunsch-Ziele-Box in meinem elektronischen Briefkasten:

"As an aspiring and inspired Musician I understand how difficult it can be at times for us “Creative Artistic Types" to think seriously about their ART as a way in which they can earn a living , it is often the curse, Attitude but in most cases BLESSING of such people, i would like to think that i as one have been BLESSED :-)

Blessings aside it has been difficult for me to accept my talents as a way to live.


Although i understand the concept in itself is not unique, the Miss Bizzy formula/adaptation is highly original.

It allows Artistic types like myself to explore their Business ideas in a more creative style, looking at and getting inspiration from images, concepts, sayings and questions relating to how you FEEL about your business and how best you can move forward using the gifts you have.

By allowing you to look at your Hearts desire or the thing you love :-)

It is a more intuitive way as apposed to the more traditional methods of business plans, which often left me feeling frustrated and well foolish, for being in business as a Musican.

For myself personally i found it highly enjoyable and even found myself laughing at it’s simplicity and how it changed my way of thinking about my business and working on making a living from THE THING I LOVE.

it Helped me ask questions without guilt, as my mind was preoccupied with more than worrying about money and the usual question of “ maybe i should get a proper job” :-)

I began to enjoy the challenges faced in front of me by looking at the inspirational figures i had chosen to put on and inside my "SMART BOX", the quotes of inspiration and the very realistic questions asked by my heart.

As i finished my Box i believe i came to Clearer understand of my souls desire.


So thank you Miss Bizzy for your Smart Box, 





Die Übung "SMARTe Wunsch-Ziele-Box" ist Teil meines Buches "Das Miss Bizzy–Prinzip: Erfolgreich Gründen für kreative, intuitive Köpfe".>>



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